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A recent study of 1 Billion Web pages showed that a insane 91% of content on the web has no traffic from Google.

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Cobus van Vuuren
20 Oct 2018

Yes you read that correctly. So less than 10% of web-pages get all the search traffic and all the business!

How is your business doing online?

Meet James, he is a business owner struggling with growing his business. He is looking to increase the number of leads and revenue generated by his products available on his website.

As most sites, James’ site is used as a reference and a fancy online business card that receives very few visitors each month.

On the other hand, Mary owns an established brand with a lot of content but something is not working. Low traffic and conversions keep her from growing. 

Although the content is great her team can’t get enough visitors to her site.  

Both James and Mary know they can increase their revenue by doing better online marketing but as easy as it sounds it is not that simple.

Without an effective marketing strategy it is very difficult to achieve great results.

Do you have a similar frustration in your business and want to improve it?

What if I told you there is a solution, a proven system that you could implement to grow your business by…

  • 19% More visitors
  • 126% More Leads
  • 14.6% More Customers

What difference could that make to your bottom line?

Contrary to what you might think there is a way to improve your business with online marketing and I would like to show you.

My name is Cobus and I want to help you make more money in your business with digital marketing strategies.

The 3 Pillar System we use called the “Hat-Trick System” gives you the building blocks to start an online fire so to speak.

The system follows a step by step process to optimize your website and drive up revenue via your site.

It covers everything your websites needs to grow so you can enjoy delivering quality service and products to your customers.

As you read this there are people searching for your products and services online but you are nowhere to be found? 

Shouldn’t you be doing something about it?

If you are interested let’s schedule a free no obligation call and set you up with at least 3 actionable next steps to take to improve your marketing strategy.

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