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Is this you

Hi I’m Cobus

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you are in the right place.

“How do I grow my business?”

“How do I get more customers?”

“Is there a way to increase my business revenue?”

“I have articles on my blog but how do I get more visitors?”

“I am not sure what my audience wants?”

“When people search for my products or services they are unable to find my business?”

you have a choice

You can grow your business with more visitors to your site, converting them into customers and growing the profits, as a result, using SEO and paid online media.

What is it that I can help you with? 

I’m a marketing consultant that scrutinise your online marketing efforts and see where you can improve.

My ultimate goal is to add value and become useful in such a way that you smile all the way to the bank.

All I care about is to help you and your business become world-class by making more money while marketing the best, most valuable product or service you have to offer.

Digital Marketing

The world of SEO and digital marketing fascinates me.

I enjoy it and it’s great to make a difference by helping businesses thrive.


My superpower is the ability to “braai” a piece of meat to perfection. Who doesn’t like to get together around a nice fire?

In my spare time

I am alive when we travel, explore the outdoors, go on 4×4 trips and spending time with family and friends.


I am a huge rugby fan and also played for years but I am now retired to playing the enjoyable and frustrating game of Golf.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood

feel free to drop by for a cold one…

If you know me you probably know that the purpose of this page is not one of my favourite things to do.

But alas, here are a few things about me.

You are welcome to talk to me about anything from SEO, property investments to sports.

I’m always up for a good conversation so if you are in the neighbourhood hit me up!

Looking to hire me here are some of my skill sets.

Invest in you business

So What Now

Did You Read This

Thank you if you read this far.  My guess is you are interested and need some help with your business. Great, you can contact me here!


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To your ongoing success have a great one!

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