Google Revealed Top Trending Searches of 2019



Here is a look at some of the top trending searches for South Africa of 2019


Google revealed the most popular topics in 2019 across different categories compiled as a list.

The list can be filtered by country, or you can view a global list of top trending searches. “Trending” refers to search terms that saw the largest increase in search volume in 2019 compared to 2018.

I’m highlighting a few interesting ones.

Before I get to the South African results it was interesting to see this one. India vs South Africa topping off the global searches list.


Top global Searches

1) India vs South Africa
2) Cameron Boyce
3) Copa America
4) Bangladesh vs India
5) iPhone 11


The top 5 trending movies go to…

1) Avengers Endgame
2) Captain Marvel
3) When They See Us
4) Aquaman
5) Lion King


Probably only questions Google would know!

Top trending questions
1) Why were cornflakes invented?
2) What time is the rugby world cup final?
3) How many votes for a seat in parliament?
4) How did Cameron Boyce die?
5) How long is a rugby match?


Maybe we can call in Thanos to snap his fingers and solve our electricity crisis.

Top trending searches
1) Load shedding
2) Election results
3) Thanos
4) IEC
5) Fiona Viotti


Top trending South African personalities

1) Neyi Zimu
2) Xolani Gwala
3) James Small
4) Chester Williams
5) Andile Gumbe


No surprises with the sports!

Top trending sports searches
1) Rugby World Cup
2) Cricket World Cup
3) India vs South Africa
4) Kaizer Chiefs vs Orlando Pirates


Take a look at the data by clicking here. Google also looked back in time with this comparison.

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