Overcome Bad Habits to Unlock Your Productivity Potential

Productivity, productivity, productivity. Our culture seems to be obsessed with how productive people are: on the job, in their educational pursuits, in the family, etc. Our culture is also rife with plenteous distractions that vie for our time hour after hour, day after day. Fighting against the tide of distraction and overcoming the guilty … [Read more...]

Life Coaching “Whoo hoo” but do you maybe need to find a life coach?

Considering to find a life Coach? Then this is for you... Everyone has that moment in life: You’re faced with a decision and you don’t know what to do. You recognize that you need help - after all, how can you expect to choose the right path if you don’t have any guidance? But where do you turn? For most adults, learning how to cope … [Read more...]

Why this post will make you question everything about Management!

Master Management: A blog series of ideas discovering better Management principles! The Only Formula You Need to Master Management Many people joke about having a parenting handbook to take on the challenges of raising children. One of the best-selling books of all time has been about a book to help people find their purpose. People … [Read more...]

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