Why Invest Offshore in USA property? [+ Personal Story]

Protect your wealth against the ever weakening Rand? Turn your Rand into income producing Dollar$ instead!

If you have any concern for your Family’s Financial Freedom or your own Retirement you will agree that it is vitally important to create and preserve your wealth by investing in positive cash flow, income producing assets.

Yet it is extremely difficult to secure such desired results when you struggle with expensive financing, the countries law favouring tenants rather than landlords and high tax rates.

What if it was possible to invest and create international wealth and much more…

Who Needs Santa?

Just fascinated with investing!!!

Cobus van Vuuren

Ever since childhood I requested cash over gifts and then invest it in the Stock Market. In my life I  have tried most from stocks, bonds, property and even very risky futures trading!

I lost it all

I learned the hard way and lost all all my money (2008). Since then I take my hard earned cash & very carefully invest it in the investment class that stood the test of time other than owning a business and that is property investments.


The beauty of investing in property is so simple and yet so effective. Earning passive income while still profiting from the upside of any capital growth while you can do this all with none of your own but other peoples money! 

In my quest for turning active into passive income I researched better ways to create & preserve wealth through investing in property with more favourable environments and opportunities.

invest in USA property

Earn dollars with USA real estate

It is possible to invest offshore in USA properties alongside seasoned professionals that do most of the work. All you need to do is your homework and decide if you are happy with the income and risks involved. 

Diversify your risk against the rand and invest in income producing opportunities!

Why Invest In USA Property

  • It is the biggest property market on the planet.
  • Predictable expenses makes cash flow forecasting more sound!
  • Cheap & favourable financing - low long term fixed interest rates.
  • The ability to Earn first wold income!
  • Working legal system, low tax rates and real estate depreciation.

Why Use Trusted Partners

  • Aligned incentives - All partners invest their own money into the project.
  • Collectively we can do more and better securing better rates and opportunities.
  • Partners insure management and administration of investment.

Investing in USA property is not for me!

I truly understand that this is not for everybody, but you are more than welcome to evaluate your options.

You can now enjoy all the benefits that come with international real estate investing while minimizing the typical risks and hassles.

If you want to generate first world income in dollars that has a positive cash flow from day 1 with reduced risks and effort feel free to contact me.

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“Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy.” Marshall Field