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If you ever did a lot of research regarding good investment opportunities you were bound to come across one of these three questions. How to invest internationally, where to invest internationally and also why invest internationally?


If you live in a third world country like myself and feel the pressure from corrupt governments, a shrinking economy and struggling devaluing currency it’s difficult not to look for greener grass abroad to grow and protect your precious wealth.

This was where I started and it led me to question, how do we compare or even just keep up with our first world country counterparts who earn hard currency.

The answer to this lies in a question.

How do you become a global citizen or better put a international investor, and is it possible or is it just for the high net individuals of the world?

Learn more on how you can invest in USA property and what you should do next!

Invest in USA

What’s the top offshore investments available to a individual and foreigner.

I was bound to find answers which led to more questions and definitely not the easiest questions to answer.

I know there will be different answers from most and different strategies that will work. It can be from Bitcoin to Mutual funds and the list will go on and on.

My believe however lies in the two age old vehicles of wealth. Property and business.

Property is a great way to take your active income and convert it into passive income.

In the process you not only preserve wealth but also create wealth with the power of income producing assets. Property is a class of asset that retains its value and in fact increases over time.

To come back to the question; Can I invest offshore directly in property to keep control and where do I buy property abroad that will suit my investment goals?

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Invest in USA property: One of the best places to buy property abroad.

I see a lot of people searching “where to buy cheap property abroad?” which does not always seem like the best question to be asking.

Some of the property investment companies offer lucrative deals and I do believe there are a lot of sharks in the game.

So I did research till it hurt but in the end it paid off handsomely.

Investing in property in buy to let USA real estate came out as a great option to invest offshore. I successfully bought my first USA house in 2014 earning income while being managed by trusted partners in the US.

Scary to think you own something 14’000 km away!

Fortunately the US is a first world country with systems that work and a strict law people actually follow to the letter.

I have had nightmares trying to evict a tenant out of one of my South African properties taking more than 6 months, in the USA its like 2 weeks and they are out!

That’s to say if you end up with a bad tenant, which in most cases if the background checks etc. are done properly is not the case.

Buying property in the US as a foreigner is not the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. There is a lot of admin and paperwork. But once you have everything set up and going it’s a matter of trust in your partners who manage the property on your behalf and you just need to manage them.

Having great trustworthy partners is a must in any kind of business.

So yes it is definitely possible that a foreigner can buy property in the USA. I, in my quest to improve everything, did not stop there. I always want to find better strategies and investment opportunities.


While I had my doubts, I was surprised to come across even better investment options in the US.

With the coming of technology crowdfunding became reality and took a lot of the hassle and admin related to deals off the table. It even decreases the amount that you have to invest to as little as a $100 per project.

The best part is you get to invest alongside some the most talented and experienced investors in the business. Investing in whole Residential Estates, Medical Centres and other commercial developments which to a individual would be inaccessible.

The ability to partner with these seasoned investors has become a reality, I am personally just grateful we are alive in such a empowering time in history.

This opened doors to better deals, better returns and a whole new way of investing for me.

I know there will be those that disagree but that is also fine. But it never hurt to do your own research. As the saying goes you can’t win the lotto if you did not buy a lotto ticket.

I would like to end this post with the WHY. Why invest in USA property?


If there is any questions I would hit me up in the comments. I would love to add them to the post and answer them.

If you are interested however please click on the invest offshore button below!

Learn more on how you can invest in USA property and what you should do next!

Invest in USA

10 Benefits of investing offshore in USA property

  1. An investment in fixed property in a location with a more stable economy is one way of securing your investment – property generally gains in value over time, and you can earn income out of it through renting the property out.
  2. The 1031 exchange lets you preserve your capital gains when you sell if you buy a new property.
  3. Investing directly opens the door to a country’s banking and financial services industry.
  4. You can deduct travel costs from your taxes. The cost of every trip you take to visit and manage your investment properties overseas can be tax deductible.
  5. You can Profit from the world’s biggest property market.
  6. Your investment serves as a currency hedge and protects you against your own volatile currency.
  7. The country’s legal system is in your favour and landlord has rights on his/her property.
  8. There is low rate finance available that can be fixed for long terms.
  9. You increase your options or plan B if you opt to leave the country someday that gives you peace of mind and security.
  10. It offers alternatives for you children to go and study abroad.

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